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I tilt my head and go in for the kiss. Soft at first, I take my left hand and place it on the right side of her cheek. It’s the VK signature kiss, with my lips I kiss her lower lip first, then kiss her upper lip next then finally back to the full on French kiss. She kisses back with a hunger, almost pushing my head back with want and force. My hand slowly moves from her cheek down over her silk blouse top, then down under and around to her lower bare back. At the same time my lips moved the left side of her neck. The taste of sweat and perfume reminded me of ink. She moaned she wanted to take off her jacket so I pulled away. With one hand she grabbed my shirt and pulled me back to her. In one elegant move I reached over her and pulled the lever reclining her seat all the way back. I climbed over the middle console half on top of her. Pushing my left thigh into the middle of her, my erection on the outside. Her hands are underneath my shirt half scratching my back half pulling me against her. My left hand, still doing all the work, starts out down the back inside of her pants grabbing her ass, squeezing it. While we’re kissing I use my other hand to unzip my pants, wordlessly she takes me in her hand. I move my hand from her ass to down the front of her pants. She spreads her legs further apart and we continue. As I finger and rub and she pumps, her ecstasy becomes more violent and pressing. She whispers like a prayer in my ear that I smell incredible. It would be simple to finish this and go all the way. But for some reason I hesitate…

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Please do not mistake my pause to be something out of being noble or a gentlemen. I am not above beating it up in the passenger seat of my swagger wagon, no questions asked. But there’s a difference between fucking a dumb 20 year old Swedish Au Pair while parked in the drive way of her host family and a 39 year old H.O.W in a movie theater parking lot. All men get to this point. Where we know the simple act of just sex won’t be enough with any woman anymore. We now see these girls and set up the perfect scenario that will lead to the most enjoyable climax. Like a serial killer whose evolved past the act of just killing but understand the perfectly executed plan is where the true joy in all of it lie. The perfect set up. With her I had worked my python game, stayed discipline and waited close to a year for that scenario. I didn’t spend all that time waiting to eat at a five star restaurant only to grab a meal at the McDonald’s drive through dollar menu… Fuck that noise.

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This woman with Natascha McElhone facial features who less than an hour ago bowed her head and thanked God for this meal we were about to receive and prayed for it to nourish our bodies. I wanted to watch her undress under dim light and admire her body on top of expensive thread count. I wanted to lick her thighs and taste all of her. I needed the space and room that came with all of the sick and pleasurable things that come with it. I wanted her and she was mine to have but I didn’t want her like this. I wanted more and I already knew about that part of me that thought that most women are never as beautiful as the first time you fuck them. I wanted her to be that beautiful. She came in my hand easily enough and I got up off of her back into my seat. She sat up with her cheeks flushed and looked at me, now what? Instinctually I put the fingers on my left hand into my mouth and pulled them out slowly because why not. As if I had challenged her to a dare, she kissed me deeply, and then started doing her hair in the passenger seat window. I opened the door, looked back at her and said, “That’s what I call a coming attraction” I’m never satisfied, I always want more, I am evolving.

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You date enough girls in this city and you get used to a lot of things. One of the things I will never get used to or understand is why most girls feel the need to verbalize their flaws to you within the first few months of dating, especially at inappropriate times? Recently I walked this 34 year old chick back to her place after a night of drinking on U Street. We’d been on an official Sushi first date a week before so this wasn’t a one night stand or anything. She poured herself a glass of wine and got me a beer and within a couple of sips we were making out. As we got into it she took of my shirt and then exclaimed, “God, you’re hot”. This was nice so I said, “thanks, I do a lot of pilates” and tried to keep it going. She pulled back again and stared for a while then finally said, “no seriously you’re like unbelievably hot… like way hotter than I am”.

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